Kapija in English

Teater Kapija is a free professional theatre group that was founded in 1994 and is run by actor and director Mladen Puric and actress Janna Eriksson.

All of our work evolves in one way or another around existential and humanistic issues. Our mission is simply to move and touch our audience as deep as possibly. This may sound pretentious but that’s a risk we are willing to take.

In late summer 2002 we moved from Stockholm and settled down in Abbekås village on the South coast of Sweden. Here we have our base and our own theatre space, and we are in fact  The Most Southern Theatre in Sweden!

All our productions are premiered in our own theatre in Abbekås before going on extensive tours throughout the whole country. With our new geographic position we have begun to explore the possibilities of touring abroad.

During the years music has become a more and more essential ingredient in our work. Nowdays we also give concerts and 2009 we made the rock show Her majesty’s Voice. Click here to see the trailer.

Apart from our theatre productions and the music we have also given workshops and lectures on art, theatre and personal development.

”Kapija” is and old Slavic word and it means opening or gate. We took the name when we made our first production “The Bridge on the Drina”. The ”kapija” was a terrace in the middle of the bridge where all people around the bridge gathered, irrespective of their social, cultural or religious background.

We like to look upon Teater Kapija as a similar meeting point and an opening – an opening towards the unexpected.

Teater Kapija
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